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    Growing Through Self-Acceptance & Forgiveness

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    In this episode, Melissa shares one of her hardest life experiences, how she survived, forgave herself, & grew into the mindful woman she is today. We explore what is is to really forgive one's self, & what if feels like to have yourself in your corner.
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    Resilience, Balance & Risk

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    Ever wonder how previous generations and their lessons have played a part in your journey? Join us as Gboyega does a deep dive into a life challenge and discovers the expectations, the risks, and the takeaways from breaking out on his own adventure to develop the strong sense of balance he has today.
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    Motivation, Self-care & Goal Setting

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    After deciding at a young age to follow her dreams, Cyrena quickly learned that challenges would quickly pile themselves at her feet and she'd have to push through to reach her goal.
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    Testing, one, two...

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    Firsts are fun! Listen in on our first test episode where we test out the platform, and learn about surrender, and manifestation.
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